How to remove toxic backlinks from the site?

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Complete steps to remove unwanted backlinks

Google had launched such a mandatory feature that is Disavow Links. This action helps in removing toxic or unnatural backlinks from the site. Try to reach out to SEO Expert advice once for this.

What are Unnatural or Toxic Links?

In simple terms, these are the links coming from weak websites. Low domain Linking to Low Domain Authority sites makes links toxic. Domain Authority is important for Google Page Rank.

Toxic links are subject to negative SEO. From the SEO point of view, it’s not good to purchase backlinks in a large amount. It’s good to do a manual.

Tools that discover Toxic links

  • MOZ

Steps to Disavow links provided by SEO Specialist:

1. Write in the first line:

#disavow links from these domains

  • Specify all URLs or domain per line like this. Example:


  • Note: Remove HTTP or HTTPS from the URL.

Save the file .txt format.

Maximum comments lines are 100000.

2. To upload the file, go to disavow links tool page. Search on google.

3.Select the property from the list.

4.Click the button on the list.

5. Submit successfully.


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